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EN Standards

For more detailed and up to date information go to our EN Resource Center and download our EN Standards Guide.

EN 388

This standard applies to all kinds of protective gloves in respect of physical and mechanical aggressions caused by abrasion, blade cut, puncture, and tearing.

EN 374

This standard specifies the capability of gloves to protect the user against chemicals and/or micro-organisms.

EN 407

This standard specifies thermal performance for protective gloves against heat and/or fire.

EN 420

This standard defines the general requirements for glove design and construction, innocuousness, comfort, efficiency, marking, and information applicable to all protective gloves. This standard can also apply to arm guards.

EN 511

This standard applies to any gloves that protect, against convective and contact cold down to -50°C.

EN 421

This standard applies to gloves that protect from ionising radiation and radioactive contamination.

REACH Statement

Consult our REACH Statement on our corporate website.